Carole Zamroud is an expert and a professional beauty consultant. She started Z clinic in 1997 and has since grown to become one of the most renowned specialists in the beauty field in Lebanon.

Carole Zamroud is not only amongst the first beauty clinics in Lebanon, she is also one of the best, as she is continually looking to find the best and newest techniques available in the beauty world, and to offer these techniques to her valued clients.


We provide a tailor made therapy treatment to suit each individual
taking into consideration their particular case.

Treatments & Therapies

Z Clinic provides treatments and therapies to almost any beauty issue, whether skin, lips, or hair, as well as tattoo, Botox, fillers and other beauty supplements.

Advanced Medical Methods

Z Clinic has some of the best Doctors working towards helping men and women to achieve the best results, using advanced medical methods when needed.

Z Clinic Cares

About Your


Above all,

Carole has excelled by paying attention to the most important aspect of any successful business,


Innovative Treatments

Z clinic continues to be a pioneer in beauty solutions, by providing the latest innovative treatments such as stem cells treatment for various types of problems, such as hair regrowth.

Expert Consultation

Z Clinic prides itself in providing unparalleled support to their clients and including a one to one consultation by experts in the beauty field.